Trying To Be Green While You Clean

Trying To Be Green While You Clean

Gregory Han
Dec 4, 2007

Some people hate cleaning. Me? I'm a XY-chomosomed mean cleaning machine who finds the daily activity satisfying and rewarding. Do a little each day, instead of waiting for it to pile up is my mantra. But that does mean I tend to go through a wasteful cycle of using a lot of paper towels...maybe too often. So I'm embarking on changing my cleaning habits and incorporating a very simple system that will save not only the environment, but also my wallet, by incorporating super absorbent cloths.

I've already weaned myself from a dependence on those Swiffer cleaning cloths (or the knock-offs you can find at the 99 Cents Only Stores), using the Method microfiber mop pads for floor cleaning duties. And in the same vein, I'm switching over to using microfiber cloths from Trader Joe's for daily cleaning, designating the yellow coloured cloths for counters and surfaces, and blue cloths for windows and mirrors. A couple of sets allows me to use one set while the other set is drying.

No, we won't be completely ridding ourselves of paper towels...we still keep a roll or two around for pet messes (our poor feline friend Eames is battling a urinary infection) and other accidents. But we've never really believed in a strict all or nothing lifestyle...thoughtful moderation can go a long way, whether for the home, budget or environment.

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