Study Says: People LOVE Roombas (A Lot)

Study Says: People LOVE Roombas (A Lot)

Sarah Coffey
Oct 5, 2007

Do you luuuuuv your Roomba? A recent study from Georgia Tech argues that Roomba-love is sweeping the nation. Researcher Ja-Young Sung says, "Our findings suggest that, by developing intimacy to the robot, our participants were able to derive increased pleasure from cleaning, and expended effort to fit Roomba into their homes, and shared it with others."

Some of the trends that the study reports:
• People like to name their Roombas.
• Many people pre-clean the floors for their Roombas.
• Some users view their Roombas as "pets."
• A few users dress up their Roombas.

The really interesting question that the study raises has to do with "emotional design" - the theory that the way an object is designed can impact the emotional response of the user.

We don't own a Roomba, so we're wondering if those of you who own one can fill us in on the emotional appeal.

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