SleepTracker Pro Alarm Clock from Frontgate

SleepTracker Pro Alarm Clock from Frontgate

Gregory Han
Dec 10, 2007

There's an obnoxious guy who frequents the same coffee joint that we do. This morning, he was waxing poetic on the powers of coffee and chuckling, "There's so much out there, man! We'll just sleep when we're dead, right?" Well, no. We quite like sleeping, actually. Sleeping's great, and we can't get enough of it. And if we had one of these SleepTracker Pro Alarm Clocks, we'd be able to tell you right down to the minute how much sleep we're not getting.

The more we read about this alarm clock, the more we thought, "Hey! It's like that Nike+ iPod thingy! Except for sleeping!" The SleepTracker has built-in sensors that record signals from your body that indicates where you are in your sleep cycle. Once it receives intel that you are in an optimal almost-awake moment, it will "gently awake" you, ensuring that you will wake up wonderfully refreshed. Like the Nike+ iPod, the SleepTracker comes with software and a USB cable so you can upload your sleeping data and track your sleep cycles on your computer. Just in case you need it.

Available at Frontgate for $179

- Grace [via AT:LA]

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