Dec 17, 2007

Here's a way to keep one less gadget off the bathroom vanity and keep your dentist happy at the same time. The ShowerFloss integrates into your existing shower head and allows you to do the work of "flossing" with a high-powered stream of water (like a Water Pik, but without the extra gadget--and an extra gadget for flossing might not be something most of us our inclined to go out and buy). Besides, if you slobber while using the ShowerFloss, you're not going to need to do much to clean up after yourself...

The ShowerFloss is available through Newton's Universe for $25.

According to the Newton's Universe site, the ShowerFloss is more effective than flossing (especially if you don't floss in the first place!) or a great addition to flossing for these reasons:

A1: String only cleans the tooth area it contacts. Most people lack the dexterity to use the string completely around each tooth. String will miss low spots or depressions found on all teeth. More importantly, string is useless down in gum pockets where plaque is sixty times more toxic than easy to reach plaque above gum lines. And, anyone with braces or bridgework will find string floss impossible to use effectively.

A2: Oral Irrigators reach all parts of each tooth and down into gum pockets. The jet stream of water dilutes and flushes out plaque and toxic bacteria. The warm water massaging action stimulates gums increasing blood flow to further promote healing. It effectively cleans braces, implants, and under bridgework. The convenient shower location is conducive to frequent use - no mess!

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