Overnight Guest Complaints

Overnight Guest Complaints

Dec 4, 2007

We don't normally complain; we adapt. After being an overnight guest in someone else's home, we usually go home with nothing other than fond memories. But, if we're being honest, there are a few things that drive us nuts. In the spirit of making us all better hosts, check out a couple of our guest grievances.

Night lights: One thing we dislike, when spending the night away from home, is not being able to turn the light off without getting out of bed. We can sleep almost anywhere - a couch, on the floor in a sleeping bag - but, no matter where we are, we like to ease into slumber with a book. If if we have to untangle ourselves from our comfy albeit temporary bed to get up and turn off the light, the purpose of the literary nightcap is completely null and void.

Our advice is to provide your guest with some type of bedside light source. At $15, this Accent Clip Light from Lamps Plus is an easy investment and it's clipability makes it handy around the house too.

Our biggest pet peeve is...

Towels: We would like the towel situation to be nothing short of straightforward. This, of course, is especially true for bath towels. As a guest, the best case scenario is to have our bath towel handed to us, crisply folded and smelling of laundry, because there's no doubt in our minds that it's ours and ours alone. We also have no problem with having a clean towel pointed out to us right before our shower. Quite simply, we want to avoid being naked and wondering which towel to grab.

While we're on the topic of towels, please make sure to have a hand towel present in the bathroom. Lately, we've had too many moments where we're forced to choose between damp bath towel and bathrobe (we chose bathrobe) to dry our post-potty hands.

Now it's your chance to offer constructive criticism: what bothers you when you're the guest?

Photo credit: design boner on flickr

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