My First Apartment: The Women Direct the Men

My First Apartment: The Women Direct the Men

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 19, 2007

(Welcome to Justine, just out of college, working in our office and in the process of making her first home in the world. We invited her to journal her experience. This is her third entry.)

Once all of our furniture had arrived either from stores or from Charmian's parents house, we finally felt like we were officially home. It all started three weeks ago when Charmian and her boyfriend, Peter, went to Ikea to get Charmian's dressers and bookshelf.

When Charmian got back to our apartment she called me to help bring boxes up. However, when Charmian and I tried to lift one of the boxes we couldn't even lift it an inch....

From that point on it seemed like the lifting and assembling would be left up to the men. All us women just watched and directed the men into putting things where we wanted them to go. We were very relaxed and enjoying ourselves, but let me just say the guys were not as happy; they were in pain.

Charmian's father could not wait to get out of the apartment fast enough and Peter swore that we would be hiring movers when we moved out.

Charmian's room is complete. It was funny, because she was the last one to move in and she had her room completely done in about 2 days. My room on the other hand, is still waiting on some decorations for the walls.

After three weeks of pure excitement of having our own apartment, we started to find little issues with it. For instance, three weeks ago we ordered in takeout and after dinner we put our dishes in the dishwasher and pressed start.

The next morning when we went to empty it, we noticed that the water was still in the machine and did not drain. After our super tried and failed to fix it; hell began when trying to get a repair person, from HARP Home Service (631.777.1911), in there. I became quite annoyed with HARP, because each person I talked to told me something different and I even got a phone call from one their employees saying they were on their way, but I was at work and did not have an appointment that day.

Three weeks later it is still not fixed and apparently HARP only comes to the Upper East Side on Mondays and Wednesdays and does not give a time frame like 9-12pm or 12-5pm. I find it funny, because the guy, who called me saying he was on his way, called me on a Friday. The dishwasher hell story gets better, because Saturday morning I got a call from HARP asking if we still needed our dishwasher repaired.

My response to this question was: I have an appointment on Wednesday. Their response: It is not in the computer, but we will add it. It was completely ridiculous.

After finally being completely moved in, only decorating the walls remains. We are living in our apartment and it is great, because even though it is small, we can call it our own and hey, "small is cool" is right.

- Justine (justine @ apartmenttherapy . com)


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