Maplex Surfacing

Maplex Surfacing

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 4, 2007

How much of our furniture, cabinetry, and home construction uses plywood or MDF? These wood composites are bound with adhesives that make the materials non-recyclable and toxic.

Maplex, however, is produced using only water, heat, and pressure. This makes the material completely non-toxic and biodegradable.

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Maplex is made from 100 percent unbleached softwood fibers from sustainably managed forests. It can be cut, painted, and stained like other, more conventional, wood composites.

The Maplex website describes the two types of Maplex available: Maplex C, a medium-density, highly flexible version that can be rolled and formed; and Maplex P, a stronger, high-density version with good dimensional stability (twice the bending and tensile strength of birch plywood). Both can be punched, drilled, laminated, stained, or coated, and are suitable for most interior applications.

Treehugger shows us a chair, designed by Erika Hanson, using molded Maplex. -regina

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