House Tour: Lisa and Dan's Breezy Landing Pad

House Tour: Lisa and Dan's Breezy Landing Pad

Mar 6, 2007

Name: Lisa and Dan
Location: Pacific Heights
Apartment Size: 650 square feet
Years lived in: 2 months

Lisa arrived in San Francisco recently and did what most writers do at the start of a new venture: found clever ways to procrastinate. It's lucky for us that her search for a new job was pushed to the back burner, because she's sharing the fruits of that procrastination here on AT. She writes:

I am proud to say that our things arrived from New York at 12 noon on Tuesday, and by noon on Wednesday the boxes were unpacked; the furniture placed; Dan's shirts organised by colour, his closet arranged with scented liner {from the best shop in the world, The Container Store}, T.Shirts placed in order of most loved, and most importantly socks equal in length, colour and thickness lined up appropriately.

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I actually enjoy tasks like that far more that I could have imagined. The pleasure in printing out labels from my {Container Store} label maker which let us know exactly which drawer holds wires and which drawer holds the Yahtzee check lists is never ending. The joy I get from placing all the {wooden} hangers 1 cm apart from each other so they look nicer is quite worrying, though. I wish I were as particular with myself, 6 months of eating late dinners, being happy and in love has paid a worrying toll on my thighs. I need to use some of the anal tidying brain work on anal calorie counting and portion sizing.

Dan and I have been sourcing all our furniture from Thrift Stores and the Streets. We were on our way back from Ikea the other day when we screetched to a halt after seeing an old oak chair on the pavement. After nearly causing a collision, we managed to grab the chair {I raced down the hill and snatched it before anyone else could get it. I bustled it into the back of Dan's brand new BMW!!! Hahahhaha!!! Can you imagine us driving around San Francisco looking for free crap on the streets and then snatching it to put in the back of a flashy car!!!}.Then we went to Thrift Town in the Mission district to see if we could find some cheap furniture. We found a chest of drawers for only $30 {You'll see them in the pic} and a kitchen table for only $15, which was 30% off due to Martin Luther King Day! We also found a beautiful Linen Table cloth in the sale bin at Shabby Chic which looks great on it. Oh! And my mum gave us a beautiful Linen bed sheet for Christmas which we love too.

We live off Fillmore St, which has all the things we need. A Hardware Store, Paper Shop, Dry Cleaners, Shoe Repair, Supercuts where I got my hair cut for $20 yesterday!!!, a good Chinese restaurant, and of course, Marc Jacobs. There's a Crepe Place called 'Crepe Vine'. They may have called it Crepe Expectations. or Crepe Balls of Fire. Or...orr... I need to make some friends. Sorry for my wittering. I think if I don't make a friend soon then I'm going to run out of things to label with my {Container Store} label maker. Because after all, how else would you know which drawer contained batteries and which drawer contains the envelopes?

Inspiration: French style

Our style: Eclectic, vintage, vibrant, mix and match

Favorite room: Living room

Most talked about element: The view Most embarrassing element: No blinds in the bedroom Proudest DIY: Hanging the flatscreen! BestBuy was going to charge $500!!

Dream source: La Clignancourt Flea Market in Paris

Reality source: Mix of thrift shops, French Shop, Street

Best advice: Don't be afraid to buy it and try it. Some thinngs look so much better in your house as opposed to a dirty thrift store.

Found treasure: Drawers: $25 at Thrift Town; vintage American flag: $10 at the flea market

Had forever: A piece of fabric from Heals, London

Just got: Old Metal Trolley from a salvage yard in Berkeley for $5

Sources for Kitchen fixtures, etc
Ohmega Salvage, Berkeley
Cath Kidston
Thrift Town

Thanks Lisa! (and if anyone out there wants to hire Lisa, she's now ready to work. Email her here).

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