Green Stocking Stuffers: Tap Saver

Green Stocking Stuffers: Tap Saver

Jonathan B.
Dec 6, 2007

Green Stocking Stuffers is an occasional series that will run throughout the holiday season, focused on inexpensive, small gifts that enable a greener home.

Our first Green Stocking Stuffer is a device that can help conserve water during daily bathroom rituals, like shaving and brushing teeth. Everyone knows that it's wasteful to let the water run, but when shaving your face, it's messy and difficult to fiddle with the faucet, especially if you have one of those old-fashioned, but newly fashionable, faucets with a separate handle for hot and cold. Shaving cream, water, and bits of beard go everywhere.
That's why the $9 tap saver is so great. It puts the water control in a much more logical place: where the water comes out of the faucet.

If you've got chrome bathroom hardware, it's actually quite unobtrusive—if you didn't know it was there, you're unlikely to notice it. Still, we'd welcome a wider selection of metals and finishes, for those who want everything to be matchy-matchy.

It's quite simple to use: flick the metal bar down to let the water through; flick it up to stop the flow while you brush or shave. In our highly unscientific experiments, we use about 25% of the water that we would otherwise. And because it's located over the sink, any errant shaving cream or toothpaste that gets on the mechanism is easy to rinse off: no more messy bathroom countertops.

Water savings and cleanliness: for $9, could you ask for more?

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