Good Questions: How Can I Let Go of My Mags?

Good Questions: How Can I Let Go of My Mags?

Maxwell Ryan
May 17, 2007

Hello AT,

Help! I'm contemplating downsizing my magazine collection but I'm having a hard time letting go. We are getting ready to move and my husband is already complaining about moving all my magazines. Someone talk some sense into me! Surely there is something wrong with me for keeping all these in the first place, right?

Thanks- cb

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Dear CB,

Oh where, oh were shall we begin?

There's the emotional and the practical side.

On the emotional, it's totally understandable that you are attached to your magazines as they are important to you and you - probably - think you will refer back to them at some time and that it terrible to throw out a collection.

Our feeling is that everyone should have ONE collection, which they are allowed to tow around with them - if they want - but it must be prominently displayed and not stored in the closet.

On the other hand, holding onto your magazines can be a sign of holding onto old thoughts and habits, and not leaving enough room open for NEW thoughts and habits. Letting go of your magazines will give you lightness and new room that you can fill with new things (including new magazines).

We say hold onto friends and family (people first!), but let go of stuff.

As for the practical side, that's a matter of figuring out what to do with them, and our favorite thing is to give things away or sell them. That way you know someone else is getting real value out of what no longer holds as much value to you.

Recycling is also a noble destination for these fine fellas.

Anyone else??

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