Good Questions: Organic Mattresses

Good Questions: Organic Mattresses

May 18, 2007

Lisa sent us an email: "I'm looking for a twin mattress for my crib-hating 16 month-old. It should be sturdy enough to last beyond a year or so on the floor without a box spring, so that we can keep her safe until she learns to sleep in a bed that's raised up off the floor. And it should be as organic as possible without costing a fortune. Any ideas out there? "

Fabulous picture! We have lots of sources for organic mattresses, as long as you are comfortable with a $1700+ price tag! Truly organic mattresses are not cheap. But we have a Mattress Guy (no, really!), and we asked him for his expert opinion.

The Mattress Guy told us that using a mattress without a box spring is not good for the mattress. Apparently, mattresses really do need the support of the box spring, and without it, sag and generally stop being supportive to the sleeper.

That said, if this is to transition from crib to Big Girl Bed, maybe the in-between solution is an organic futon, since futons are meant to be used without a box spring and/or on the floor, and generally run about a thousand dollars less than the organic mattresses we found.

Organic cotton and wool futon, $389.00
All cotton futon, $346.00
6" and 8" sleeping futons, organic cotton, $432-482.

Drawbacks? Some organic futons require a doctor's note to purchase, since they are not coated with flame retardant. So there is no easy answer, here.

AT:Nursery readers, what would you do? Please let us know in the comments.

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