Flatland: Ant Farm Living

Flatland: Ant Farm Living

Aaron Able
May 15, 2007

Tiny Torture? Why are we just learning about the Flatland Project? Six artists have taken up a temporary 20-day residence in the Sculpture Center in Long Island City, Queens. The bizarre 4-story structure they call home is only TWO feet wide...

FLATLAND tests the current fashion for glass-sheathed luxury residences against a more relentless kind of voyeurism overlayed with severe limits in space and time. The sublime openness of a Miesian glass box meets the chic claustrophobia of an Andrea Zittel Escape Vehicle. The utopian ideal of an artistic commune begins to resemble a lost hipster episode of MTV's The Real World. While Flatland calls to mind performance art of the 1970s, the endurance trials of David Blaine, and the fascinating allure of an ant farm, the project was actually inspired by an 1884 science fiction novella by Edwin Abbott Abbott.

We're not sure how everyone else feels, but we think it is silly to call this 2-Dimensional — it's just extremely limiting 3-Dimensional. And it's also extremely bizarre. There are a lot more pictures, including planning diagrams at the Flatland Project website. If they wanted more publicity for this, they should have built the structure outside in a high-traffic area, like Bryant Park. Did we mention this is really weird?

Via Gothamist.

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