Apartment Therapy On... Marking Territory

Apartment Therapy On... Marking Territory

Regina Yunghans
Dec 11, 2007

When we were little, our father installed a new basketball hoop at the driveway. When he set the base in concrete, we all pressed our handprints into the wet cement to mark that this was our home. Later, when we moved away I, ten years old, wrote my name in a tiny corner in the back of my bedroom closet. I felt compelled to let the new inhabitants see who had been there before...

We've encountered this elsewhere - renovators writing their names on wall framing before installing finish drywall. Names and dates written into brick party walls that were later covered in plaster. We seem to want to mark our homes as ours; even in small, cryptic ways. Have you? What have you done? Or have you come across someone else's territorial markings from the past? If so, what were they? Please share.

(Photo from Mirage Studio 7.)

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