10 Worst Gadgets of 2007

10 Worst Gadgets of 2007

Dec 14, 2007

What does the Palm Foleo, Husky combo drywall saw, Apple TV and Ironman vibration trainer have in common? Popular Mechanics has given them four of the 10 spots on their Worst Gadgets of 2007 list. Being in the middle of home renovations ourselves, we found the description of the Husky combination drywall saw particularly amusing.

"Not a single millimeter of space is saved by combining these tools - the utility knife at the heart of this product isn't a handy, pop-out blade, but a full-size utility knife. Surrounding it is an array of injuries waiting to happen, since none of the four remaining tools are secured while opened or closed. The saw, seal punch and surprisingly sharp prybar are all hinged to the same bar, ready to swing out and wait in ambush for an unwitting hand rooting through the toolbox. But the real horror show is the drywall rasp, a rough, cheese-grater-like strip of metal that's fully exposed along the bottom of the product and actually serves as the finger-side portion of the grip. This means that whenever you're cutting, sawing, punching or prying, your fingers are clamped down against what amounts to a vicious washboard."

Read the full list here.

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